jueves, 16 de diciembre de 2010

Human Resources: A different approach.

Hi folks,

Sometimes when reestructuring companies, we need to redefine the main culture, to be able to setup the structure for the future. Yesterday night, coming back home to Cordoba, I was thinking in some funny theories about this change.

My goal for this moment it´s to comunicate the need than we must change our point of view and focus in the mid-term goals, settle into the business plan. For all this, we need to work as a team, and cut out all the energy we lose, reducing the change resistance.

En muchas ocasiones, la perdida de energía se debe a personas que dentro del equipo, no aportan y utilizan la estructura en su propio beneficio. Esta actitud, rompe las sinergias y provoca decepción y frustración entre los que si generan energía.

Buscaba alguna imagen para apoyarme en la presentación... And sudenly, I did remember the Terry Tate advertisement from the 2003 superbowl.

I hope you enjoy it. Just for laughts, of course.

Regards from Málaga
P.S.: dedicated to all my collegues on HHRR.

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