viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010

Grand Central Station

Hola a todos,

Hay un lugar en NY, que cada vez que voy no puedo dejar de ver. Es la estación de Grand Central.

He encontrado este vídeo de su constante movimiento. Me encanta su arquitectura y como un lugar que recibe mas de 300.000 visitantes diarios puede seguir pareciéndome liberador.

Grand Central Terminal NYC: Canon 5D mark II from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.

Imagine Park Avenue from 45th to 49th Street as a rail yard -- a corridor of smoke and cinders extending uptown from 49th Street. Think of breweries and factories operating where the Waldorf-Astoria, Lever House and the Seagram Building now stand. Picture to the east a district of tenements, warehouses, and slaughterhouses. In place of the United Nations and Tudor City, the squatters' shacks of Dutch Hill, inhabited by paupers, criminal gangs, and a herd of goats. It is hard to conceive that this cityscape ever existed, let alone that it was the environment in which Grand Central Terminal took shape less than one hundred years ago.

While Grand Central Terminal stands today as one of New York City's most famous landmarks, it was by no means the first railroad station in New York City. In fact, the current structure is neither the first to claim the name "Grand Central" or to occupy the present location at 42nd and Park. Yet, the story of Grand Central Terminal allows one to gaze back and observe much of the history of the City of New York, and to witness the growth and expansion of a vibrant metropolis reflected in an unrivaled monument of civic architecture.

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